The Team

The bobs

Jacqueline Hewer
Creative Director and Co-Founder

Jacqueline is responsible for developing, pitching and executive producing across Brown Bob’s varied output. She has excellent contacts across the industry and is a demon in the edit.
She previously worked at the BBC in News & Current Affairs, before becoming a BBC commissioner for factual and factual entertainment. She was also Head of Daytime at Leopard Films.
She has an impeccable brown bob.

Nicki Gottlieb
Managing Director and Co-Founder

Nicki is responsible for all accounts, budgets, contracts, deals – we could go through the whole alphabet, but you get the drift.
She’s always doing 25 things at once, and takes efficiency to a whole new level. She has extensive experience across a range of primetime award-winning series, volume formats, and high-end arts programming.
She used to have a brown bob, but now totally rocks the blonde locks.

The team

Audrey Neil
Executive Producer

Audrey’s been with us since series 1 of Inside the Ambulance and is a machine when it comes to managing big teams and multiple edits. She’s been instrumental in extending our Inside the... brand, also launching Inside the Vets and Inside the Operating Theatre. Her previous range of experience covers everything from Blue Peter to Celebrities in Therapy. We’ve yet to see her fazed by anything, but we’re working on it.

Rob Dersley
Series Producer

Rob’s background in live shows and high volume series means he’s the ultimate multi-skiller. He loves edit suite life and wrote the first ever episode of Inside The Ambulance. He was SP on our latest rig show, Inside The Operating Theatre – which he also narrates (write the feme tune, sing the feme tune). In true Brown Bob style, his quiff is legendary.

Jess Hamilton
Production Manager

Jess brings her experience of high volume, high quality programmes to production manage across our output. Her technical knowledge is absolutely incredible and fundamental to the smooth running of our rig series. Her previous credits include First Dates and Selling Houses. Her eyeliner is legendary.

Rowan Moss
Production Manager

Rowan’s wealth of experience across high intensity prime-time programming makes him the go-to for all things logistical and technical. His previous credits include 24 Hours in A&E & The Undateables. Rowan is growing his beard in a bid to make his cats view him as their furry father.

Debra Campbell
Finance Controller

Debra brings years of production accounting experience to Brown Bob. She’s worked for Capitol Films, Shed Productions and Warner Bros. Her expertise is to set strong accounts controls and procedures and to ensure every production has full accounting support.
She loves working in the buzzing production environment and can often be found in the thick of development brainstorms. “You have to be dramatic to work in production.”

Kelly Cavuoto
Accounts Assistant

Kelly has worked in finance in the media industry for many years. She prides herself on getting things done right the first time and getting them done quickly. She’s an introverted extrovert so you’ll sometimes see her in quiet thought, and other times those thoughts are far out there for the office to enjoy.

Rousha Browning
Office Manager

Roo is more office saviour than office manager and we’ve seriously considered changing her job title. Her no-nonsense, can-do demeanour simultaneously renders her the most-loved and most-feared member of our team. Cross her at your peril.

Azalea Reason

Azalea has enough enthusiasm for the whole office and works tirelessly to make sure our contributors are well-informed and well-looked after. She’d rather drink tea than coffee, but has absolutely no interest in cocktails.

Wanna join the team?

We’re always looking for new people to come and work with us. Please send us your CV to be on our production database.